MEGAMI club Sofia reopened, completely renovated and with brand-new equipment. This is undoubtedly the most popular night club in the center of Sofia. The complete system integration of the club was entrusted to our team. We installed the biggest LED screen in Bulgaria, with a complete surface area of 120 m2. It functions as a stage background and interior columns of the club. This multimedia tool allows the complete change of design and ambience of the club, using different images. It is synchronized with the spectacular lighting system, which includes more than 50 smart moving head devices, via a network multimedia server. Thus, all lighting devices and screens are synchronized with the preselected multimedia content. For the first time in Bulgaria XAUDIO installed products of the Portuguese professional sound system manufacturer NEXT pro audio. The system is of the line array type, from the flagship series of the manufacturer. The sound design of the hall was completed in collaboration with a Portuguese team via a preliminary 3D simulation of its acoustic parameters.