Night Flight review in TANNOY Professional News

By May 11, 2010News

The sound system, installed by our team at Night Flight gets a review at TANNOY Professional News

Night Flight is one of the latest additions to Bulgaria’s emerging and vibrant night scene, boasting one of the highest specification audio-visual systems yet seen in any club around the country’s bustling capital of Sofia. Located in the heart of the city, Night Flight opened in December 2009, with the remit of providing a top class venue for both club nights and special promotion events such as live performance shows, pop music record launches and cabaret shows. The ultra-modern design extended beyond just the decor to an impressive array of cutting edge AV technology including Tannoy VQ loudspeaker system, powered by Lab.gruppen’s world renowned amplifiers, as well as a host of lighting, special effects and giant LCD screen.

The huge 1000-capacity venue is split over two levels, with a VIP balcony overlooking the main floor and performance/stage area below, and a total of four bars between the levels, making it one of the largest dedicated club venues in the capital. It’s the unique scale of the sound and lighting system however that sets Night Flight aside from the rest, which is on a par with even the best venues around Europe’s better known clubbing meccas.

At the heart of the impressive audio system are two clusters of Tannoy’s VQ Series, hung left and right of the 15 metre stage and giant 30 sq. metre LED screen. Each cluster comprises of 2 pairs of VQ 60 with additional paired VS 15DR and VQ 64DF enclosures for LF and down-fill respectively. 6 x VS 218DR dual 18” direct radiating subwoofers installed under the stage front provide all the bass extension even the most ardent clubber could wish for, and more. This permanent FOH system provides stunningly clear, high SPL stereo coverage of the main floor, more than capable of handling anything required of it, be it club DJ set or live band performance, and with very low power demands to boot.

Tannoy V-Series are installed throughout the venue including V300 as balcony delays, V15 and V12 providing stage side fill and monitoring respectively, while Di8 DC (Designer Install series) in the restaurant area completes the all Tannoy loudspeaker fit-out. The system is controlled via pairs of Tannoy SC1 and TDX-1 processors.

Of course, a system is only as good as its weakest component, and so the high-end loudspeaker complement has been perfectly matched with a rack of 6 Lab.gruppen C Series amplifiers, including a pair of their flagship C 88:4s. Renowned for their industry leading touring amplifier technology, the Swedish company’s install-dedicated C Series platform has steadily and justifiably become a preferred choice of integration professionals when it comes to first class sound quality and uncompromising reliability (backed up by a 6-year warranty). Boasting class-leading efficiency, high channel density and a feature set that includes individual adjustment of maximum voltage peak output and gain per channel and advanced NomadLink® networking with remote monitoring and control, C Series is built to cope effortlessly with the demands of a venue like Night Flight.

Elsewhere in the venue, the audio-visual experience is augmented by a host of other technology including a Digidesign Venue D-Show SC48 digital FOH mixer and a substantial DTS intelligent lighting system, controlled by Martin Light Jockey and Zero 88 Jester ML24. A host of DMX controlled smoke and snow machines as well as Laserworld Pro 1000G 1-Watt laser projector, 7 42” LCD screens and other multimedia gear provides all the party equipment a venue like this could ever need.

The AV installation was handled by experienced Bulgarian technology integrator XAudio, who have an office in Sofia itself, and are also responsible for other recent night club installations of note in Bulgaria featuring Tannoy VQ and Lab.gruppen sound systems, such as Club Deluxe in Asenovgrad.


A new addition to spectacular lighting are 4 moving head type ALPHA BEAM 300. The unique devices are the flagship among the spectacular lighting and operate as a super dynamic effects and as WASH machines for light dressing on stage during the events.