X-AUDIO offers sound systems from the most renowned world-class manufacturers, such as ADAMSON SYSTEMS, TANNOY, LAB GRUPPEN, LINEA RESEARCH and more.

Разполагаме със специализиран екип и необходимата инфраструктура за озвучаване на събития до 10 000 човека.

Small scale sound systems

Small scale sound systems are great for small to medium-sized events: seminars, company events
and weddings. We offer mobile systems, which you can operate without the need of a team of audio engineers.

Sound systems for medium to large events

Sound systems for medium to large events: concerts, festivals, DJ parties, large corporate events. We have large-scale “line array” type concert sound systems manufactured by ADAMSON SYSTEMS – Canada. They can be used for events 1000 to 10 000 pax. We offer also a “Point Source” type sound system manufactured by TANNOY, which is a perfect fit for events 500 to 3000 pax.