XAudio offers a wide range of modular LED screens. The right selection of parts, components, controls, software and technology assures the right solution for your project, while maintaining reliability and quality that is compatible with the intended investment.

Our engineers have developed a variety of solutions, LED walls with graphic pixelation, full-color video screens in irregular shapes (round, curved, bent, wave etc.) Through the years we have installed LED displays in many different venues – night clubs, restaurants, casinos, hotels, shops, malls and more. The experience gained by our team is available to our customers and partners.

XAudio LED Ekrani

Indoor LED video displays

The new SMD technology (3 in 1 –  the three primary colors: red-green-blue in a miniature housing with a very wide viewing angle) LED screens give higher resolution in smaller sizes, combined with excellent brightness and refresh rate (from 600 to 3000 Hz). This makes them suitable for TV and video playback or to display advertising or any other information, text and other visuals.

Outdoor LED video displays

range of application:

  • Outdoor advertising / TV
  • Shopping centers / malls
  • Theme parks
  • Sport stadiums / arenas
  • Outdoor events / concerts
  • Airports / bus and railway stations

Their excellent brightness and reliable waterproof protection makes them indispensable in external conditions and daylight, even against direct sunlight.

The types of LED components can be: oval RGB LED chips (dip housing ) or SMD LED displays (3 colors in one diode chip)

Information screens:

  • Monochrome, two-color and full color
  • Specialized as sports boards for one or several sports
  • For textual information

XAudio also offers design and manufacture of LED displays with non-standard shapes: curved, cylindrical, oval and more. We provide repairs and spare parts, as well as constructions and solutions for the casing of the LED screens.