Club Deluxe, Asenovgrad in AudioPro

By May 12, 2009News

The prestigious International AudioPro magazine covers the professional audio installation in Club Deluxe, Asenovgrad.

Club Deluxe in Asenovgrad has become Bulgaria’s first club to house Tannoy’s new VQ loudspeakers. Launched at last years ProLight+Sound show in Frankfurt, two VQ 100 enclosures will be coupled with a pair of the new VS 218DR subwoofers for the club.

Clubs have been springing up across the country recently, due to the growing popularity of Eastern Europe with the young adult population. Designed by acoustic and stage lighting specialist Eliana Spasov, Club Deluxe covers 500sq meters over two floors, and caters for musical genres including pop, house and techno.

Controlled by a pair of Tannoy VNET SC1 digital network controllers and powered by three Lab.gruppen C-Series amplifiers, the club’s sound system also includes Tannoy’s V Series loudspeakers – a pair each of the V6s and V12s – providing fills where necessary. Tannoy has increased its loudspeaker efficiency and performance with the VQ series, for example designing the speakers to produce 115dB for 1 Watt of amplifier power, and 138dB (144dB peak) for 200 Watts.

Designed and installed by Sofia-based A/V specialists XAudio, the system has left the client extremely pleased as XAudio sales manager, Peter Ivanov, explained: “The general feeling from both DJs and patrons is that the sound is very clear and exceptionally transparent, perfectly suited for both live performance or for DJ sets. Even with relatively few speakers, the sound is extremely loud, something the club owner was keen to achieve with minimal impact on the carefully designed interior style”.