EXCHANGE is the newest addition to Sofia’s night life and undoubtedly one of the few places in Bulgaria where you can enjoy the best guest DJs and live performers. Club EXCHANGE features ultra modern interior design, coupled with impressive sound and lighting systems – factors that would make a night club a truly remarkable and memorable experience.

This is the first time we are introducing the flagship XCELLENCE series of speakers, manufactured by our technological partner MASTER AUDIO. The setup includes 2 clusters (left and right of the stage) each with 2 pieces of XCELLENCE X15LTP speakers, mounted in a horizontal array for wider sound dispersion. For the delay arrays we utilized four JOKER JK26 super compact speakers and four KEY12 booth monitors for the performing artists.

Following the investor’s guidelines and requirements, we custom-designed the sub-woofers and built them in the club’s walls.

The system is backed up by amplifiers and sound processors from SM and DSP series, delivering total power of 19 000 Watts.