XAudio team has been chosen as a main contractor for all audio-visual and multimedia systems in the construction of the new Club 33 in Sofia.

The club is part of two-storey entertainment complex, with two separate venues under one roof. 10 large video screens display a live feed from the current performances. Both halls – “Club 33” and “Nitro Club” – are equipped with unprecedented for Bulgaria sound system, spectacular lighting and multimedia equipment.

The main requirement of the investors was that design, supply and installation of all systems should be carried by a single contractor, to avoid mistakes in their flawless integration into the club.

The type of sound system we chose here is POINT SOURCE, built entirely from products of our technological partners MASTER AUDIO (Spain) and TANNOY (UK). Loudspeakers were carefully selected and positioned, according to the sound distribution and room characteristics.  The result is a very high sound pressure with evenly dispersion in all corners of the room, while keeping crystal clarity. All that has been achieved with perfect acoustic treatment and sound insulation and investors spent considerable resources to achieve this result.

Spectacular lighting includes moving heads  “SHARPY” and is positioned levels. One of the most spectacular attractions is the room ceiling made ​​of over 5000 LED elements in combination with a network of stainless steel light reflectors. The entire light show and multimedia are controlled by a single system and allow full synchronization between them.