The Adamson E12 is a 3 way, true line source enclosure, incorporating proprietary transducer and waveguide technology which reduces weight and minimizes its footprint. The heart of the E12 is the E-Capsule, which is precisely engineered and constructed of lightweight aluminum. The patent pending skeletal structure provides an accurate and rigid frame for mounting the modular aircraft grade steel Autolock™ rigging system, while simultaneously housing ultra-efficient mid-high components coaxially mounted on Adamson’s newly modified E12 Co-Linear Drive Module.

A vector corrected low-excursion 7” Kevlar Neodymium midrange transducer paired with a next generation 4” HF compression driver energize the drive module and provide seamless mid-high energy with minimized distortion at very high SPL levels. The critically optimized waveguide, based on a prolate-spheroidal geometry ensures precise pattern control and minimum THD, producing a nominal (-6 dB) dispersion pattern of 110° x 8° (H x V). The E-Capsule is flanked with two separate, vented birch ply enclosures, each containing Adamson’s proprietary Kevlar Neodymium 12” woofer, capitalizing on the advantages of Adamson’s Advanced Cone Architecture and optimized heat dissipation management of the 4” voice coil.

Честотен диапазон  (+/-3 dB) 60 Hz – 18 kHz
Nominal Directivity (-6 dB) H x V 110° x 8°
Номинално звуково налягане** 145 dB
НЧ компонент 2x ND12-S 12″ Kevlar Neodymium Driver
СЧ компонент YX7 7″ Kevlar Neodymium Driver
ВЧ компонент NH4TA2 4″ Diaphragm / 1.5″ Exit Compression Driver
Номинален импеданс НЧ 2x 8 Ω
Номинален импеданс СЧ 8 Ω
Номинален импеданс ВЧ 8 Ω
Мощност(AES / Peak) НЧ 2x 800 / 2x 3200 W
Мощност (AES / Peak) СЧ 350 / 1400 W
Мощност (AES / Peak) ВЧ 160 / 640 W
Окачване патентована Autolock™ Rigging System
Свързаност 2x Speakon™ NL8
Височина лице (mm / in) 358 / 14.1
Височина гръб (mm / in) 282 / 11.1
Ширина (mm / in) 1111 /43.75
Дълбочина (mm / in) 543 / 21.4
Тегло (kg / lbs) 59.9 / 132
Supported Processing Lake
E12 TechnicalData Adamson E12 спецификации (англ.) 394,47 КБ
E-Series Brochure Брошура E-Series (англ.) 27.43 МБ
E-Series User Manual E-Series Ръководство за потребителя (англ.) 9.4 MB