“A very very efficient speaker indeed in all areas of vocal and band dynamics from a delicate song like Blackbird to the dB demanding Live And Let Die.”

FOH Engineer for Paul McCartney, AC/DC

“The sound was always very consistent despite the weather. Constant bass, precise mids and extended but gentle highs (never aggressive) made my life easy and I had very good control on my FX returns. Good presence with Klaus Meines’s vocals and very balanced tonality at all registers and levels of his voice. I did not touch the EQ. Nice spatial depth with drums and guitars and very good stereo imaging. The dynamic capacity of this PA is outstanding and suits perfectly my way of working.””

FOH Engineer for Scorpions

“In keeping with tradition of making the best sounding speaker boxes in the world, Adamson have outdone themselves. The E15 combined with the T21 is a force to be reckoned with. This changes everything. Watch out, there is a new kid on the block, and he is a bad ass.”

FOH Engineer Linkin Park

“I’m pleased with how much headroom I had with the Adamson rig. I can’t stand the feeling of having a system that pushes back against what I’m trying to do – even the best ones do it from time to time. “

FOH Engineer for Lady Gaga